RunRio Timing Card Product Launch

You’re invited!!!

On Saturday, June 18, RunRio, American Express/BDO together with Runnr will launch the newest innovation that is guaranteed to make RunRio races even more exciting and fun – the Runrio Timing Card.

Be the first to know all about it and hear it straight from Coach Rio himself. You can also register for the Yamaha (July 3), Rexona (July 24) and Milo (July 31) races during this event. Register for the Rexona race (July 24) and get the re-usable RunRio Timing Card as part of the race kit.

Event details: Runrio Timing Card Product Launch (open to the public)
Date: June 18 (Saturday)
Time: 6:00 to 8:30 am
Venue: Activity Area infront of RUNNR Store, Bonifacio High Street, BGC

See you there!

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Training again… FINALLY!

Ever since my first full marathon last March, I’m so guilty of slacking off in running. I’d join races once in a while, but nothing more than 10k. I’d go for a 5k if I’m lazy, 10k if I felt like making it a bit hard on myself. But the dedication to the twice a week maintenance runs + 1 weekend long run just wasn’t there anymore. I felt that I’d be able to complete a 5k even without training — maybe not as fast as when I’m conditioned, but it wasn’t as if I wouldn’t be able to finish it. Maybe it was the complacency of knowing that I’d be able to finish a 5k with or without training and not getting injured made me neglect the training I swore I would continue to do even after the marathon.

So what made me start running, biking and lifting weights again the past week? Well, aside from the fact that the exercise has been helping me bring back the resistance to colds (which is so common lately, considering the unpredictable weather), I signed me up for a half-marathon in July: the Yamaha Run for Heroes.

I don’t know, maybe I just needed a “purpose” to train. I needed a goal — something that would keep me in my toes for weeks leading up to the event. I guess that was how I managed to follow the 5-month training schedule of the TBR Dream Marathon diligently… The “threat” of completing a 42.2k run kept me on track. I felt that if I didn’t train, I’d be screwed on race day.

Maybe that was all I needed. A push. A threat. Or even better, a challenge. Next time I start slacking off again, sign me up for another half-marathon. :P

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Yamaha Run for Heroes

Here’s another run to get ready for! The Yamaha Run for Heroes will be held on 3 July 2011, Sunday, at the Bonifacio Global City. It’s going to be the 2nd leg of the RunRio Series Manila 2011. And as the name implies, this run is for Heroes — the HERO Foundation, that is. If the race gets 10,000 registrants, Yamaha will donate Php1million to the HERO Foundation. I wasn’t able to ask if they will still donate even if they don’t get the 10,000 runners they wanted, but I’m hoping that they do. It’s a RunRio race (ie. quality race), so good turn out isn’t far from possible.

But that’s not all… To make the Yamaha Run even more exciting than it already is — you might be lucky enough to win a Yamaha Mio Fino! :D

(Left Photo) Yah, that’s me touching the vintage-looking bronze Mio Fino in the hopes that my aura on it can hopefully win the bike for me! :P (Right Photo) Mio Fino in a funky combination of black and fuschia.

The Yamaha Run for Heroes is definitely one of the biggest road races of this year that you shouldn’t miss. You can choose from four race categories: 3k, 5k, 10k, and 21k. More details after the jump! Continue reading

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Join the AKTV Run on June 5!

Start June “living active” by signing up for the AKTV Run!

“AKTV Run” will be held on June 5, 2011 at Mall of Asia. You can register for either of the four race categories: 3km, 5km, 10km and 21km. As much as I miss doing long runs, I’ll have to settle for 10km in this event. I’m so out of training I’m not sure if I can finish events of more than 15k with a smile (or, to be more specific, without feeling like my legs are going to fall off). Continue reading

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Brooks Run Happy (info and race maps)

There are limited slots available so secure your slots as early as now! :)

More info and race maps after the jump! Continue reading

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Brooks Run Happy Bloggers’ Night

Last Thursday, my husband Marc and I attended the Brooks Run Happy Bloggers’ Night. It was nice to see my TBR Dream Marathon “batchmates” at the event — which, I must say, reminded me once more that the one-month post-marathon “recovery” should be over and done with :P I’ve been slacking off training the past month. The upcoming Brooks Run Happy on May 22 would be a great opportunity to start training again. :)

Organizers and host

After a filling and healthy dinner, we were introduced to Brook’s product lines and eco-friendly technology. Surprisingly, they are willing to share their BioMoGo midsole technology with competitors. I guess they really are serious about finding eco-friendly solutions that all can benefit from. Continue reading

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Post-Race Log: National Geographic Run

I haven’t posted in a while here save for a race event announcement after my full marathon. I don’t know, but I guess “recovery” has been keeping me preoccupied. I ran 5k at the Globe Run for Home event exactly a week after the TBR Dream Marathon, chaffed my armpit and had to sit through the free Hyundai Run for a Cause to heal. I took my best dog Shantee to the Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run and enjoyed a slow 1km run with her (she’s a Shih Tzu, and her tiny feet can’t go that fast). Other than that, I pretty much took it easy and prepared sparingly for the National Geographic (NatGeo) Run where I ran my first-ever official 10k.

The NatGeo Run had always been an expensive run. Last year, I think it was one of the most expensive race kits I ever bought. This year is no different. But hey, it’s NatGeo, my favorite channel… My hubby Marc and I just couldn’t bring ourselves to miss it! :) Continue reading

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Grace to the Finish

Here’s a head’s up for everyone in the south of the metro:

Grace to the Finish is the first fund-raising run of the Singles Apostolate of the St. James the Great Parish Renewal Movement. Details after the jump! Continue reading

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