Gearing up for my first 5k ever!

February 3rd marked the beginning of my third month of having a Personal Trainer. I don’t mean to sound like Home TV Shopping, but really, the changes in me are just great! Not only have I not used my asthma inhaler for exactly a month now, but I’m also able to jog and run (no walking!) on the treadmill for 13 minutes straight. I know it’s not much for seasoned runners, but for someone who’d led a sedentary lifestyle for 3 years, that’s quite an improvement already.

I’d forgotten exactly how much body fat I’ve already lost, but whatever. I’m just really glad to feel stronger now, stronger than I have been since I stopped playing basketball eight years ago.

So… It’s now two days before the Condura Run, where I’ll be running my first 5km ever. I probably ran more than that when I was training with a basketball team years back, but I never really kept track. But on Sunday, I will be keeping track. My trainer had done her best to help me strengthen my muscles (especially my legs), and though I’m not looking into winning any races, I’m still quite confident of this upcoming run. Unlike the Globe Run for Home last year, I’ve been able to prepare myself both mentally and physically as much as I could when I finally decided last December to run for the dolphins.

I think I just had about a month of preps, but let’s see. For sure, 5km would be a challenge as opposed to 3km. But I’m pretty much decided that I want to complete this race. No matter how long it will take me to complete, I will. I will. I will! :D

See you at the Condura Run for the Dolphins!

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