Post-Race Log: Chase the Sun, The Neutrogena Run

Time: 00:47:10
Distance: 5km

Chase the Sun: The Neutrogena Run was held yesterday at the Fort. I ran 5k again, my third 5k for this year. I was hoping to get a sub-50, which I did (YAY!), but didn’t expect I could :P And no, I’m not trying to put myself down. It’s just that I’ve been used to running in the evening (at around 8pm, to be more precise), and I didn’t really have any morning practice runs for almost a month!

My sub-50 run of 47:10 in this race wasn’t so bad, considering that I didn’t really have any conditioning for morning runs. It’s still not a 5k PR (my PR for 5k is still the Condura run), but my husband and I thought it might be possible I try for a sub-45 in the upcoming RunRio Trilogy Leg 2: Nature Valley Run where I’ll also be running 5km.

The Chase the Sun race map for 5km was a refreshing change. It’s not the “usual” route we usually run at The Fort. I didn’t bring my Nokia N96, so I wasn’t able to keep track if the route was exactly 5km. I didn’t get unreasonably tired, the pacing I did was similar to my daily runs; so I guess it was pretty much 5 kilometers :)

I waited in line for about 40 minutes for my finisher’s kit, and I witnessed an untoward incident during my run that I honestly don’t want to see again (ever), but I had fun. I don’t know why, but I enjoyed this run. I only got cranky waiting in line, but overall I was pretty much in a good mood — better than I used to in other runs. Maybe because I had more than enough sleep before a race? Probably. Either way, I swear I’ll make it a habit to sleep early so I’ll be one happy runner with (hopefully) a sub-45 5k PR at the upcoming Nature Valley Run! :D

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4 Responses to Post-Race Log: Chase the Sun, The Neutrogena Run

  1. MinnieRunner says:

    Congratulations on your sub-50. There were really many 5K runners that registered, that’s why you had to fall in line that long. Anyway, it’s worth it with the finisher’s kit, shirt, and singlet right?

    I am more comfy with my evening runs too :) Aside from sleeping early, eating light in the morning before a morning run would help (at least for me).

  2. Gail says:

    Thanks! Yup, definitely worth it!!!!!!! :D

    You’re right, probably it was the light breakfast too aside from enough sleep that’s why I was in a good mood during the run. It was the first time I had a banana and a granola bar before a race, instead of my usual coffee/chocolate + one piece of toast. I’m usually overly hungry after a run, so I guess I need more than just a toast! :)

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