My Races

The races I’ve joined since I started running last January 2010. Still a newbie, I know! Hopefully, more races and faster times will be added to my list during the year :)

  • Condura Run for the Dolphins 2010 (5k, 00:45:05)
  • Century Tuna Superbods Run (3k, 00:24:15)
  • Unilab Run for Wellness (3k, 00:32:07)
  • 2010 Globe-Ayala Land Run for Home (3k, 00:24:42)
  • Tail Runners Metro Dog Run (1.5k, unknown)
  • National Geographic Earth Day Run 2010 (3k, 00:28:59)
  • Greenfield City Sunset Run (5k, 00:55:28)
  • Chase the Sun, The Neutrogena Run (5k, 00:47:10)
  • Nature Valley Run (5k, 00:53:28)
  • Bottle School Project (3k, unknown)
  • Rock and Run (5k, 00:47:02)
  • Ace Hardware Eco-Friendly Run (5k, 00:40:36)
  • Big Blue Run: The Uphill Challenge (5k, 00:50:11)
  • Mommy Milkshake Marathon (3k, unknown)
  • Miles for Smiles (3k, 00:28:48)

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